Nabali Fair Food

Who We Are

At Nabali Fairkost we offer culinary food from economically disadvantaged regions.

Spice blends

Our products

All our products are free from chemical additives, fair traded and an enrichment for your kitchen.

How We Work

We at Nabali Fairkost are in direct contact with our partners and maintain a familiar relationship with them.

Our products are


Enjoy products according to original, authentic recipes.

100% Natural

Our products all come without additives.


Each of our products is made by farmers with love.

Nabali Fair Food


We only use as many resources as necessary to provide you with the best products.

Fair trade

Only fair pay and partnership at eye level creates real change.

Create perspective

Fair trade and fixed incomes create prospects in terms of education & income security.

Unsere Richtlinien

Nabali Fair Food

We trade in food and cooperate with people - men, women, Arabs, Israelis and Jews. Because religion and politics shouldn't determine what fantastic food goes on your table. We buy our products worldwide.

Nabali Fair Food

It is absolutely self-evident for us that children do not work for us or in the companies with which we have a close cooperation. Because child labour is not something to be taken lightly. It is a matter of safeguarding the future of our children.

Nabali Fair Food

We understand this principle very broadly - in our view, no one may be discriminated against in the workplace with regard to their sexual orientation, religion or gender. We are particularly committed to the participation of women in the labor market and in society.

Nabali Fair Food

Our partners and we have made it our mission to act not only fairly, but also sustainably. This means that no materials are wasted, but of course we do not save at the wrong end. Only as much should be used as necessary to offer you the best.