Nabali Fairkost - our Code of Conduct

Fair food - we have already incorporated one of our essential principles into our name. You know us as a supplier of high-quality delicatessen such as dates, spreads, high-quality oils and our authentic spices. Since day one, we have been committed to absolutely fair trade and sustainability. Because we want to support the producers of our high-quality products to be able to earn their own living.


We maintain close contact with the farmers and processors so that we can always ensure that our principles are applied. We work without intermediaries and pay the farmers and producers directly. This eliminates a whole layer that would otherwise also want to earn something from the final price. This way we can directly ensure the livelihood of the families.

Universal guidelines

no child labour

It is absolutely self-evident for us that children do not work for us or in the companies with which we have a close cooperation. Because child labour is not something to be taken lightly. It is a matter of safeguarding the future of our children.

No discrimination

We understand this principle very broadly - we believe that no one should be discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation, religion or gender. We are committed to the participation of women in the labour market.


Our cooperation partners and we have made it our mission to act not only fairly but also sustainably. This means that no materials are wasted, but of course we don't save at the wrong end either. Only as much as necessary should be used.

No religion and politics

In the past, we have repeatedly experienced that the origin of our goods has been politicised and placed in a religious context. That is not in our interest. We trade in food and engage in cooperation with people - with men and women, Arabs, Israelis and Jews. Because religion and politics should not determine what fantastic food you get on your table. Yes, some of our products are sourced from Jordanland, also known to many as Palestine.

But this is by no means a political commitment. We are convinced that everyone should do what they are good at. Jordanland offers special conditions, both in terms of climate and soil. In order to always provide you with the best food products and only the best ingredients for the preparations, we source our goods from people who have been experts in this field for many generations and to whom we can thus offer an economic basis.

We do not want our trade to be overshadowed by political or religious ulterior motives. Our focus is on sustainability and fair trade. We are happy to do business with anyone whose work complies with these principles and who otherwise agrees with our Code of Conduct and implements it in their business. For these people, we also assume a certain kind of responsibility with our work and our direct trade. Many of our customers are now regular customers who appreciate the high quality of our products. If you agree with these values, we would be happy to welcome you as our loyal and returning customer. 

Your Haider Kahla and the Nabali Fairkost team