What are the different date varieties?

We are particularly proud of these dates. Our Medjoul dates come exclusively from Palestine. They are harvested there by hand by farmers from the region and dried in the blazing sun of Palestine. We only offer dates that have been hand-picked, free of all additives and of the highest quality. This date is also called the king date because in earlier times it was just that - a date for kings. Today, you can be the king yourself. Treat yourself to these quality dates in a special size. These dates have nothing in common with the dates from the supermarket. Eat one or two dates in the evening before going to bed and you will sleep like a king, because the date releases natural sleep-promoting substances in the body. Your mineral balance will also improve many times over and you will be able to improve your health in general. Our Medjoul dates are also excellent for baking and cooking. Of course, you can also enjoy them plain. By buying our Medjoul dates you directly support the farmers from the areas of Palestine and at the same time you do something good for yourself.
Our Medjoul dates come from the current harvest and after we have delivered them to you, they can be kept for up to one year. Rarely the dates are so old, because their pleasant taste will also convince you. You will get dates of the royal class here.

The Medjoul date at a glance

  • current harvest in Palestine
  • no preservatives and additives (no sulfur)
  • very good shelf life and storable up to 12 months
  • nutrient-rich, large, pleasantly sweet date
  • well suited for baking and cooking

Our Medjoul dates in the store:

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You love it sweet? Then this nutrient-rich variant of a date will be just right for you. It is very popular with tea as a sweetener. It contains a honey-soft crystalline sweetness that pleasantly caresses the tongue. It contains a lot of nutrients. There are two different types of this variety. We chose the one that melts in your mouth like butter. It behaves almost like a piece of chocolate and combines sweetness and smoothness to a taste experience. and smoothness to create a taste explosion in the mouth. This date is a wonderful sweet alternative not only for the holidays.

The sukkari dates we offer are:

  • nutritious: the Bedouins survived for months only by eating this date in combination with water.
  • very sweet, comparable to honey
  • Pleasantly soft and caress the tongue
  • suitable for the preparation of desserts

This variety of date is excellent to store even without refrigeration. You can, if you wish, moisten the dates a few hours before eating. Through this process, the dates gain up to 20% in volume and become even creamier. This preparation is especially recommended if you want to prepare desserts with them. Then the dates are even easier to process.

Our Sukkari Soft dates in the store:

Sukkari Soft Dates

The Ajwa date is a somewhat drier, pleasant fruit. It is also called the prophet date. According to ancient traditions, the consumption of seven Ajwa dates, which should be eaten in the morning, protects against magic and poison. Therefore, it is also called the mysterious date.

This date is very popular among Muslims and is often used here for healing. It is not only rich in nutrients, but also well tolerated. The Ajwa date can be kept for one year even without refrigeration. However, it should not be frozen. It can best develop its flavor when slightly cooled.

Our dates of the Ajwa variety are:

  • bite size
  • Very nutritious
  • contain many minerals and trace elements
  • stimulate digestion
  • From controlled cultivation
  • free from sprays / additives

Are you looking for a date that is firm to the bite, tastes less sweet and is simply different? With the Khudri date you have found it. The not so sweet variant, which is popular especially with athletes, but is rich in nutrients, is often used for power drinks (smoothies) by athletes or also for the preparation of date balls. It is a bit firmer, but good to eat. Its taste is reminiscent of caramel.

The Khudri date at a glance

  • bite date
  • very popular with athletes
  • well suited for power drinks
  • rich in nutrients and minerals
  • slightly sweet, nutty / caramel taste


A particularly sweet date, which can also be used very well for baking, is the Sukkari date.
You want to have a particularly nutty, caramel taste? Then the Khudri date, which is also very popular with athletes, is your best choice.

You love it mystical - you want to capture and enjoy the magic of the desert? Then the Ajwa date is the right one for you. According to the traditions, it is even able to break spells.


The most famous date among date lovers is the Medjoul date, the so-called king date. It is not only of a special consistency and quality. It is also still harvested by hand and in our case comes exclusively from Palestine. In this way we support the farmers there. It has an exceptional size and is truly royal. You do not know this special date yet? Then you should try it. You probably won't like any other dates after that.

How to store dates correctly?

Medjoul dates
Medjoul dates
Medjoul dates

Things to know about Medjool dates

In the past, Medjool dates from Palestine were reserved for royalty. The reasons for this were obvious: they were left to ripen on the palm tree for a particularly long time. As a result, they were larger than average and had a special taste. Even today, Medjool dates are something special. You can get them only in delicatessens, such as our mail order. In supermarkets they are rather not distributed. This is partly because of their exclusivity, but also because they are harvested by hand. The dates are harvested by hand from the palm tree and then also sorted by hand. This procedure represents an enormous effort. However, anyone who has eaten a delicious Medjool date from Palestine knows that the effort is absolutely worth it.

Until a date palm yields, 10 years can pass. During this time, the site must still be cherished and cared for. If the palm is a little older, up to 200 kilos of dates can be harvested per palm. The date palms grow in a very hot area. In order for the fruits to become nice and full and delicious, the palms need a large amount of water. In Palestine, they use recycled water and drip irrigation to water the palms. This is to minimize evaporation of the precious liquid. In addition, this technique delivers the water to the point where it can then be absorbed by the palm tree. Despite the enormous demand for water at harvest time, rain is not welcomed. This is because this quasi-unplanned supply of liquid dilutes the royal fruit, or so the farmers say.

Originally, the Medjool dates came from Morocco. Meanwhile, the fruit is much more widespread. The Medjool dates offered here come from Palestine, for example. But also in the USA there are now large cultivation areas. The main cultivation area, however, is California, but there under a different name. In the U.S., the fruit is called the Cadillac of dates, because the country does not have much to do with kings.

The Medjool date not only looks special and it also grows not only special. No, in addition to its pleasant, incomparable taste, it also has many inner values. For example, due to its high sweetness, it can be used as a natural sweetener in dishes and not only gives the dish the desired sweetening effect, but also the special taste of the Medjool date. Another special feature is that the fruit contains no fat.

These king dates contain many amino acid compounds and numerous minerals and trace elements. This means that eating a few dates a day will quickly replenish your stores of micronutrients.

Another known effect is the slightly laxative effect. So especially in this day and age, when people sit a lot and move little, this is a positive side effect. Simply consume a few dates in the evening. You have the pleasure and in addition you supply your body with minerals and trace elements. The next morning you can additionally rejoice, because the consumption of the dates has ensured a lighter bowel movement.

In addition to secondary plant compounds and vitamins, our Medjool dates also contain beta-carotene, which can act like a natural sun filter in the skin. This is understandable when you consider where the palm trees grow.

If all this is not enough, you will also be pleased with the high content of vitamins in Medjool dates. Among other things, you will find vitamins B3, B5 and B6. In addition, the micronutrient choline was found in Medjool dates. This provides for acetylcholine synthesis. What sounds quite scientific here means an improvement of signals in the nerve pathways for you. Studies could also show that various symptoms of asthma could be alleviated.

Medjool dates may not save you from going to a specialist. But the fact is that eating the dates can make a good contribution to your health.

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