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Black Cumin Seeds
Black cumin
Black Cumin Seeds
Black Cumin Seeds
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Black cumin
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Egyptian black cumin


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  • 100% from Egyptian
  • Without artificial flavours
  • No genetic engineering
  • Free from preservatives
  • No flavour enhancers

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Nigella Sativa Seeds - The All-Rounder

These are the seeds of true black cumin. Contrary to what one might think, black cumin is neither caraway nor cumin. However, it has been used as a peppery spice and medicine in the Orient for over 2000 years. This spice is particularly popular in Asia, in the Orient, but now also in Europe. It is also called "bread root".

This plant is particularly popular in Egypt. Here, not only culinary qualities are attributed to it, but also healing ones. During excavations, small vials of black cumin oil were even found in the tombs of pharaohs, and it was also used as a burial gift here.

The processing of black cumin seeds is relatively complex. However, our suppliers are happy to accept this effort in favour of the high product quality.

Black cumin is delicious and an ancient cultivated plant that originated in Egypt. Even the pharaohs used it to refine food and to strengthen the immune system. The small brown-black seeds contain many valuable essential oils.

The seeds are used to cold-press a high-quality and spicy oil for edible purposes, which can be digested well. We recommend sprinkling the seeds on homemade flatbread, as a sprinkling seasoning for cream cheese or to refine soups.


Our spices love it dry and protected from light

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