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Pineapple rings


4,95 2,95 / 100 g

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Short BBD: 01.06.2023

  • Veggi
  • re-sulphurised
  • unsweetened
  • sustainable packaging
  • ideal snack to go

Product contains: 100 g

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Healthy snacks for everyone

We at Nabali have entered into a special cooperation with the young start-up company from Bremen, Nusswahn. We don't want to reinvent the wheel in the field of nuts and dried fruit, so we are relying on the varied assortment of Yaruz and Firat.

The cream of the tropics

Pure pleasure straight from the tropics, not only sugary sweet and slightly tart but also mega juicy.

Can you resist the temptation?

The first bite - an adventurous journey for your tongue and the taste buds dancing on it. Sooo healthy... and also perfect for muesli and bowls! With my juicy sweet and tart flesh, I'm all-natural and an excellent snack.

Alkaline and therefore healing

I would be happy to help you get your bad mood back under control.

This is often due to hyperacidity of the body, which can also have psychological consequences. It makes us easily irritable and if things go very badly also aggressive.

What you can do about it? Snack on a piece of dried pineapple, of course, because my ingredients are strongly alkaline!



In spite of careful quality controls, some shell parts may be present.

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Nutritional valuesIndication per 100 g
Calorific value/energy1331 kJ/ 318 kcal
Fat0 g
thereof saturated fatty acids0 g
Carbohydrates81,8 g
thereof sugar61,3 g
Dietary fibre9 g
Protein2,2 g
Salt0 g
**Percent ofthe reference quantity for daily intake

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