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Djoon date chocolates
Dates Dreams chocolates
Dates Dreams chocolates
Dates Dreams chocolates
Date Dreams
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Djoon Bio Medjoul Dattel Pralinen – Macadamia Mania


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Bio Vegan

  • without added refined sugar
  • handmade
  • Plastic Free
  • VeganGluten and lactose free
  • Without preservatives

Freshly prepared natural product
Minimum shelf life therefore until 07.04.2023

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Djoon date chocolates

Djoon date chocolates

Product Description:

Inhalt: 9 djoon Dattelpralinen mit einer Füllung aus ganzer, gold gerösteter und leicht gesalzener Macadamia

All products from djoon are of course organic, vegan and without added sugar. For an all-round good feeling when snacking! So that people and the environment are well.

Our trade partner introduces himself:

We are djoon and we want to give people a all around good feeling when snacking and snacking allow. That means unbeatable taste in harmony with better nutritional values and sustainable added value. To do this, we need to do things with a lot of passion and heart reinvent. Therefore, we challenge the standard and start at the bottom of the facts: What really makes good candy? Because only when people and nature are doing well do we create Sweets that are more than delicious. Candy like a best friend. That are just fun, have character and are there for you. That's why all djoon products are not only super delicious, but also organic, vegan and without added sugar.

The djoon taste:

When we reinvent products we have only one goal: unbeatable taste. Since we don't use added sugar, animal products or unnecessary additives, we're left with a whole world of natural ingredients. We focus on a handful of high quality components. This creates a very individual, real and new taste.

The djoon Impact:

As a food producer, we take holistic responsibility. Therefore, we work tirelessly to make our products healthier and more sustainable. As the basis of this, serves the djoon formula: Organic, vegan and no added sugar. In addition, we avoid plastic where possible and work exclusively with trusted and beloved retailers and manufacturers who go far beyond the legal standards and, for example, initiate social projects in the growing areas, pay fair wages and favor small farmers.

Discover djoon, help us establish a better standard in the industry and spread the Dattellove!

Martin, Caro & Leon

Djoon's promise to you:

  1. Without added sugar
    No industrial sugar is added. Djoon does not use flavorings or preservatives. Instead, sweeten with natural dates & flavor with fruits and nuts
  2. Organic quality
    All ingredients used and therefore all Odilia products are in organic quality. Much emphasis is placed on the highest naturalness of all products.
  3. Handmade
    Djoon products are developed with a lot of love. The ingredients themselves are tested for the highest quality and chocolates and chocolates are handmade in Germany.
  4. Vegan
    Only vegetable substances are considered as ingredients, All products do not contain animal fats or similar.

Things to know

Medjool dates refined into chocolates

Now it is possible to get the best of two worlds in one product: Our high-quality Medjoul dates are refined into chocolates by our partner ,,Date Dream" with real Belgian chocolate.

Why is the product the best of both worlds?

Medjoul dates: The queen among dates, already distinguished by their size. They are harvested by hand by our farmers after they have been allowed to ripen under the Palestinian sun into particularly sweet and delicious fruit. The high quality cultivation ensures, among other things, that the dates can be delivered without preservatives, sugar and sulfur. Nevertheless, they have a natural sweetness that makes every product prepared with and from them a real treat.

Medjoul dates are highly appreciated by connoisseurs for their high quality and especially vegans love to enhance their products with them.

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Organic date chocolates with macadamia filling
Ingredients: Medjool dates 66%*, cocoa mass*, roasted macadamia 11%*, cocoa butter, sea salt.
*from controlled organic cultivation.

May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and gluten.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values per 100 g

Calorific value kj 1671 kJ
Calorific value kcal 399 kcal
Fat 21 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 9,1 g
Carbohydrates 57 g
thereof Sugar 45 g
Protein 4,5 g
Salt 0,1 g

Additional information

Food designation

Dates are a natural product. Therefore, our chocolates may differ slightly in size and shape.

Food business operator

djoon foods GmbH
Kirchenstr. 74
81675 Munich, Germany

Organic inspection body:

Place of origin


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