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Dukkah from Palestine

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  • 100 % from Palestine
  • Without artificial flavours
  • No genetic engineering
  • Free from preservatives
  • No flavour enhancers

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Dukkah - breathtakingly delicious

Dukkah is a Palestinian spice blend made from selected cumin, aniseed, roasted sesame and wheat. The perfect coordination of the spices creates a unique composition that is ingeniously versatile and can miraculously intensify the flavour of a dish or even steer it in a different direction.

If you want a tasty oriental dip, the Dukkah spice mix is the perfect choice. It is sprinkled on fresh bread and drizzled with olive oil or argan oil, depending on taste, to make a delicious paste.


Wheat: Finely ground, it becomes a kind of semolina that makes the paste you can make from it particularly creamy.

Sesame: For this spice blend, the sesame seeds must also be roasted to intensify the flavour. This creates the special taste of this spice blend.

Cumin: The name of this herb is twofold and so are the meanings. The leaves are slightly cruciform and the fruit is somewhat reminiscent of caraway seeds in shape. In fact, the plant is not related to caraway. It is also called cumin and has a very special taste. Connoisseurs automatically place this taste in the Orient, for which it is typical.

Aniseed: Dukkah also contains the typical Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese spice aniseed. It is used for stews with chicken, lamb and fish.


Dukkah is suitable for almost all dishes and can be eaten classically with fresh bread and olive oil - or used as a marinade for meat and fish dishes, and as a sprinkling seasoning in soups and salads.

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Our Dukkah loves it dry and protected from light.

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