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  • 100 % natural
  • Traditional harvest by hand
  • Support for a structurally weak region
  • Fair payment for village communities
  • 100 % natural / pure

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Premium Fleur de Sel from Crete

From the beautiful Crete comes the salt newly included in Nabali Fairkost, pleasant and not so intensely salty taste, which is extracted by hand until today. The special thing about this salt is that it does not slay your dish with the bitter salty taste impression, but only refines your dishes. The sodium chloride content found in the Fleur de Sel we offer at Nabali Fairkost is lower than other salts and therefore our Fleur de Sel from Crete is also better tolerated. Since our Fleur de Sel contains less sodium chloride than "normal salt" from the supermarket, it is also more tolerable for people who should reduce their salt consumption for health reasons. This deli salt, whose name translates to Flower of Salt, enhances the flavor experience of your food rather than bludgeoning it. Refine your dishes with a small pinch of salt.

The correct use of Fleur de Sel

The use of Fleur de Sel is different from the use of conventional salts. Just refine your dishes with a small pinch of salt. We recommend not to use this salt in the shaker, but to take it between your fingers (a pinch of salt) - so you use it as a so-called finger salt. This way you will have more feeling for this foodstuff, which is obtained in a laborious handicraft and which comes from the sunny island of Crete and secures jobs there. We at Nabali Fairkost attach great importance to sustainability. Only if we also act, there will still be a livable environment for our children and grandchildren. With Fleur de Sel we have once again succeeded in including a sustainable, excellent and job-securing product.

This pure Fleur de Sel is purchased directly from a local partner from the island of Crete in cooperation with the company Roots. Roots is always on site for every product, pays its partners fairly and pays strict attention to environmental protection. This is what makes Roots Fleur de Sel so special:

  • Elaborate and manual craft
  • Natural marine climate
  • Partnership with small business
  • Support for the island population

As a family business, Roots stores, inspects, sorts and packages all spices by hand.

We wish you much pleasure and wonderful moments of taste when seasoning with Fleur de Sel.

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