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Frank about Tea - Earl Grey Tea


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  • Avoidance of unhealthy additives
  • Refrain from sugar
  • High quality herbs and tea leaves
  • Fair traded
  • Loose tea

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Frank About Tea

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We love tea. In our search for delicious teas, we came across the Dutch start-up, Frank About Tea. In the Netherlands, Frank About Tea has become indispensable. Known from print and TV commercials, they ensure a strong impact in the respective producing countries. Did you know that the trade chain from tea leaf to cup of tea is very long and that it is no longer fresh when it arrives on the supermarket shelves! Moreover, the origin is often not transparent and cannot be traced.

Frank About Tea therefore sources the best teas directly from tea producers in East Africa and Sri Lanka. Frank tea consists of only the highest quality herbs and tea leaves. Unique blends and natural ingredients offer unforgettable pleasure.

Wilder - Rooibos Tea 60G loose tea

An Earl Grey morning tea with an unexpected twist Made from the best black tea from Sri Lanka and combined with the delicate flavour of floral bergamot. This adds a refreshing note to the full, intense flavour of the black tea and we love it. Perfect for a fresh start to the day or for relaxing in the evening.

Taste the difference and believe us, you'll never want to go back to your standard cup of black tea.

Why this tea?

  • Direct from the tea plantation in Sri Lanka
  • Ideal to start the day with a hearty tea
  • Packed in aluminium-free packaging

Loose tea

What your purchase does

We believe that every farmer should have access to good education. That's why every product you buy contributes to Frank about tea. We invest 2% of our sales in training for farmers in the communities where we operate. Together, we have successfully trained more than 300 farmers. - Frank About Tea

Love the planet

The tea offered here comes loose in a recyclable and resealable bag There is a conscious decision not to use tea bags and plastic. Simply fill this tea in a cup tea strainer - let the tea steep briefly and enjoy every sip.

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Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot
Nutritional valuesIndication per 100 g
Calorific value/energy
thereof saturated fatty acids
thereof sugar
**Percent ofthe reference quantity for daily intake


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