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  • Greeting card from Bethlehem
  • Ottolenghi Spices
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Give joy as a gift - the perfect gift for Ottolenghis cookbooks

At Nabali, we offer authentic spice blends from the Middle East and North Africa. Yotam Ottolenghi and Tamimi, like us, source their spices from the cookbooks, from Palestine. This gift box contains our bestselling spices and a beautiful greeting card.

Products of the box in detail:

Zaatar 100G:

The name of this spice blend comes from its main ingredient, wild thyme, because it is the Arabic name of the herb used. It is similar in taste to the local oregano.

It also contains sesame seeds, sumac and a little salt. This spice mixture is known as the most popular in Palestine and it is even used for breakfast. It is used with olive oil and fresh wholemeal bread.

Zatar: This ingredient is the freshly picked wild thyme. It gives the spice mixture its characteristic flavour.

Sesame: The intense flavour comes from a light toasting. Sesame provides the oily part in this mixture.

Sumac: This spice is characteristic of Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. It is mainly used for stews with chicken, lamb and fish.

Salt: This mineral is used primarily as a flavour enhancer to bring out all the intense other spices.

Sumac 100G

The vinegar berry is a delicious tiny tart fruit and is used especially in the Middle East for savoury dishes. It contains a lot of vitamin C and satiating dietary fibre. Nabali Fairkost Sumac comes 100% from Palestine and is hand-picked, dried and ground by women's cooperatives. Sumac has a fruity - sour taste and is often used as a substitute for lemons and vinegar in dishes. Did you know that our delicious zatar also contains sumac?

Both home cooks and star chef Otto Lenghi are fascinated by the bright, tart flavour that the spice imparts to dishes.

Shakshuka 100G

Who invented shakshuka? Is it Israeli, Arabic or does it come from North Africa! We don't really care, because we know it's delicious and easy to prepare.

In Israel, shakshuka is considered the national dish and is eaten mainly for breakfast. In Palestine, on the other hand, it is preferably eaten as an evening meal, along with delicious bread. Our spice mix comes from Palestine and was made in the traditional Arabic/Israeli way. This makes shakshuka a success right away, just as Ottolenghi would like it to be in his Jerusalem cookbook.

Black Cumin Seeds 100G

These are the seeds of true black cumin. Contrary to what one might think, black cumin is neither caraway nor cumin. However, it has been used as a peppery spice and medicine in the Orient for over 2000 years. This spice is particularly popular in Asia, in the Orient, but now also in Europe. It is also called "bread root".

This plant is particularly popular in Egypt. Here, not only culinary qualities are attributed to it, but also healing ones. During excavations, small vials of black cumin oil were even found in the tombs of pharaohs, and it was also used as a burial gift here.

The processing of black cumin seeds is relatively complex. However, our suppliers are happy to accept this effort in favour of the high product quality.

Black cumin is delicious and an ancient cultivated plant that originated in Egypt. Even the pharaohs used it to refine food and to strengthen the immune system. The small brown-black seeds contain many valuable essential oils.

The seeds are used to cold-press a high-quality and spicy oil for edible purposes, which can be digested well. We recommend sprinkling the seeds on homemade flatbread, as a sprinkling seasoning for cream cheese or to refine soups.

Tunisian harissa per 100G

Bring the fire from the north of Africa to your table at home. Harissa is a truly fiery spice blend that is an integral part of traditional cuisine in countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. In Arab countries, as well as in Israel and Europe, harissa is now also gaining in importance. It is usually served as a paste. To create such a paste, the harissa powder is mixed with olive oil.

Harissa is simply part of daily meals in many countries in North Africa. It is used here with couscous, rice, in soups or also as an ingredient in marinades for chicken, lamb, beef and fish. But think also of the North African lamb sausage merguez, which gets its characteristic taste from harissa. Europeans like to use harissa to give classic dishes such as pasta sauce, goulash or tomato soup a fiery kick.

The main ingredient of harissa is chilli, which essentially explains its spiciness. It is best to dose it carefully and feel your way towards the spiciness. If you actually "get" too much, a milky component can help to bind the spiciness. Be careful with the combination with water, as this only distributes the spiciness in the mouth.

At Nabali Fairkost, we stand for fair and sustainable trade. Our premium harissa spice blend is made according to a traditional Tunisian recipe and we source it directly from the producer.

The ingredients of harissa in detail are coriander, cumin, chilli, garlic, paprika and sea salt.

Greeting card from Bethlehem - motif of our choice

Our greeting cards are a great alternative to the cards from the supermarkets. They are handmade with love in Bethlehem, where physically disadvantaged people make the greeting cards for us using the papier-mâché process. Attached to the cards are motifs made of olive wood.

The greeting card comes in an envelope and an inlay.

Cookbook tastes like Palestine

220-page cookbook from the homeland. Many delicious recipes that are easy to follow, as well as information about the cities in Palestine and video cooking instructions.

Gift box

All spices are delivered with love by our staff in a beautiful, high-quality and sturdy cardboard box. The box is filled with wood wool and the spices are placed inside. The box is also securely stored in a cardboard box. A festive bow is placed on top.


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