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Set consisting of: Zaatar, Sumac, Dukkah, Shakshuka each 100G

  • 100 %Natural
  • Without artificial flavours
  • No genetic engineering
  • Free from preservatives
  • No flavour enhancers

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Palestine for your kitchen - Spices Original according to Ottolenghi

If you want to bring the scents and flavours of the Orient into your home, this spice quartet is the perfect choice. It contains four different spice powders, all of the highest quality. They are 100% natural, free of preservatives, without artificial flavours and without flavour enhancers. All the flavours contained are completely natural. Genetic engineering has also been completely avoided. Three of the spices come from Palestine, a very sunny region, one comes from Egypt, here from the desert oases. In addition to the high quality, these products, which are all handmade, secure jobs and thus economic security in crisis-ridden regions.

The spice quartet contains 100G each:

Zaatar - The Original

The name of this spice blend comes from its main ingredient, wild thyme, because it is the Arabic name of the herb used. It is similar in taste to the local oregano. It also contains sesame seeds, sumac and some salt. This spice mixture is known as the most popular in Palestine and it is even used for breakfast. It is used with olive oil and fresh wholemeal bread.

Zatar: This ingredient is freshly picked wild thyme. It gives the spice mixture its characteristic flavour. Sesame: The intense flavour comes from a light toasting. Sesame provides the oily part in this mixture. Sumac: This spice is characteristic of Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. It is mainly used for stews with chicken, lamb and fish. Salt: This mineral is mainly used as a flavour enhancer to underline all the other intense spices.


Dukkah is a Palestinian spice mixture made from selected cumin, aniseed, roasted sesame and wheat. The perfect coordination of the spices creates a unique composition that is ingeniously versatile and can miraculously intensify the flavour of a dish or even steer it in a different direction. If you want an intensely flavoured oriental dip, the Dukkah spice blend is the perfect choice. It is sprinkled on fresh bread and drizzled with olive oil or argan oil, depending on taste, to make a delicious paste.

Ingredients: Wheat: Finely ground, it becomes a kind of semolina that makes the paste you can make from it particularly creamy. Sesame: For this spice mixture, too, the sesame seeds have to be roasted to intensify the flavour. This gives this spice blend its special flavour. Cumin: The name of this herb is twofold and so are the meanings. The leaves are slightly cross-shaped and the fruit is somewhat reminiscent of cumin seeds. In fact, the plant is not related to caraway. It is also called cumin and has a very special taste. Connoisseurs automatically associate this flavour with the Orient, for which it is typical. Aniseed: Dukkah also contains the typical Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese spice aniseed. It is used for stews with chicken, lamb and fish. Dukkah Areas of application:

Dukkah is suitable for almost all dishes and can be eaten classically with fresh bread and olive oil - or used as a marinade for meat and fish dishes, and as a sprinkling seasoning in soups and salads.


Who invented shakshuka? Is it Israeli, Arabic or does it come from North Africa! We don't really care, because we know it's delicious and easy to prepare. In Israel, shakshuka is considered the national dish and is eaten mainly for breakfast. In Palestine, on the other hand, it is preferably eaten as an evening meal, along with delicious bread. Our spice mix comes from Palestine and was made in the traditional Arabic/Israeli way. This makes shakshuka a success right away, just as Ottolenghi would like it to be in his Jerusalem cookbook.


The vinegar berry is a delicious tiny tart fruit and is used especially in the Middle East for savoury dishes. It contains a lot of vitamin C and satiating dietary fibre. Nabali Fairkost Sumac comes 100% from Palestine and is hand-picked, dried and ground by women's cooperatives. Sumac has a fruity - sour taste and is often used as a substitute for lemons and vinegar in dishes. Did you know that our delicious zatar also contains sumac? Both home cooks and star chef Otto Lenghi are fascinated by the bright, sour taste that the spice gives to dishes.

Things to know

This equally exotic spice is not a spice mixture as such, but comes solely from the sumac, the vinegar tree, which gives it its name.

The use of this spice is manifold and ranges from cooking to tanning leather to dyeing hair. However, the spice offered here should be limited to the kitchen. Sumac is a so-called stone fruit and produces an acidic spice. Especially in Turkish, Arabian and Persian cuisine, it is impossible to imagine cooking without this spice. It is a spice that tastes intense, but can still be used generously. It is used to refine rice dishes, but also with meat such as the well-known lahmacun, fish and salads. It is not only used for marinating, i.e. before preparation, but also during cooking and even as a table condiment. In ancient Rome, people were already aware of the intense flavour of sumac. Here, the spice was boiled down to an intense decoction, which was captivating due to its red colour alone. This decoction was comparable to the well-known tamarind. Boiled down in this way, the spice could be used wonderfully for cooking.


Sumac is excellent for fish and meat dishes, for refining salads and yoghurt dips or for delicious oven vegetables such as aubergines. It can also be used in soups to add a slight sour note. It can be used before cooking, as a marinade, during cooking and afterwards as a table condiment. It adds a seductive complexity to dishes.

Why Nabali Fair Food Spices?

If you choose this spice quartet, you will bring the concentrated taste of the Orient into your home. All the spice mixtures can be used to make pastes and dips. As is customary in the Orient, fresh bread is often served. This is accompanied on the table by various spices and spice blends and high-quality oils. Often there are also other ingredients such as cream cheese. While you sit together for hours, you can always take some of the fresh bread and spread it with cream cheese and then sprinkle it with the spice of your choice. Alternatively, you can just drizzle the bread with a little oil and then add a desired spice mixture to get a paste out of it. If you want a little variety, you can use the spice mixtures to make dips. Then you serve antipasti, various vegetables and of course bread again. Everyone can now help themselves to vegetables and bread as they wish. This way of eating is not yet so well known in this country, but it has always been the order of the day in the Orient.

All spices offered here are imported from economically weak regions. Here, they offer people much-needed security by maintaining jobs and creating income. Berber women and local farmers in particular then benefit from their traditional knowledge and the fact that they can produce their products in the traditional way. This results in a uniquely high quality.

Serving suggestions

Our promise to you:

  • 100% PALESTINE for your kitchen - only the best spices - just as celebrity chefs such as Ottolenghi would like for you.
  • NATURAL - Our spice blends are WITHOUT artificial flavours, preservatives, genetic engineering and flavour enhancers I Gaza Dukkah Chilli is slightly hot and ideal for all those who like it Indian.
  • VERSATILE - Nabali Dukkah is ideal as a gift I for dishes from Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook I for oven-roasted vegetable salad dressing I ideal flavour for vegetarian / vegan diets
  • SUSTAINABLE & FAIR - our young company from Düsseldorf always acts sustainably and ecologically - from cultivation to packaging - with products from economically disadvantaged regions.
  • SERVICE - We want you to be satisfied and are always available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail - if you are not satisfied, we will reliably find a solution.

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