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Coconut blossom sugar
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Coconut Blossom Sugar 100G

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  • 100 % natural
  • Alternative to white sugar
  • Free from additives
  • Very productive
  • Strong sweetness

Product contains: 100 g

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Coconut blossom sugar

Coconut blossom sugar has a stronger sweetening effect than conventional white sugar and causes the sugar level to rise more slowly. It is concluded that it is not as stressful for the body and can provide a longer feeling of satiety. It contains other sweeteners that are not directly healthier. However, because you get by with less coconut blossom sugar and it is metabolised more slowly in the body, with a stronger sweetening taste at the same time, you can save some calories and avoid the ravenous hunger effect.

With normal, white industrial sugar, the blood sugar level rises very quickly, which leads to a strong counter-reaction from the body. This in turn makes you feel hungry again very quickly. In the end, coconut blossom sugar can even contribute to a healthier diet. However, pay attention to the change in sweetness. If you are brand new to coconut blossom sugar, you may feel that you have not sweetened enough. Your body will not only thank you, but it will also get used to this new feeling of sweetness.

At Nabali Fairkost you get it directly from the fair trade producer

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