Kufiya - Palituch Bani Naim
Kufiya - Palituch Bani Naim
Kufiya - Palituch Bani Naim
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Kufiya - Palituch Bani Naim


  • 100 % Made in Palestine
  • Fashion accessory
  • Every purchase secures local businesses
  • Light summery fabric
  • Versatile

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Original Kufiya -Palituch from Palestine

Pali cloth Bani Naim - Made in Palestine

We are back from our trip to Palestine and have brought back many great new products. Among other things, we bought beautiful pali shawls from Hebron, which are made in the last local weaving mill. In addition to the shawls from Hebron, we bought more scarves from a local souvenir shop in Bethlehem, which were designed in Jerusalem.

With our purchase, we were able to help the shop owner make ends meet for the next few months. Tourism has succumbed to Corona. This is a disaster for a town like Bethlehem, which is completely dependent on tourism.

More on the last weaving mill in Palestine in this video from Great Big Story:


What does the shawl mean for Palestine

Pali shawls from Hebron and shawls designed in Jerusalem Solidarity is currently on everyone's lips. You can express it with words, but of course there is also the possibility to make a visual statement. Pali shawls, also known as Palestinian shawls, as they became famous especially through Arafat, are one of the possibilities. Pali shawls are available in the typical black and white look, but of course also in other colours. In the original, they are a symbol of freedom and they stand for solidarity with the Palestinians.

Where does the Pali cloth come from?

  • Pali shawls are much more than a fashion accessory. As early as the 1970s, they were worn in this country as protest outfits by opponents of war. But there is more to know about the shawls than just the fact that they used to be the accessory of war opponents:
  • the meaning: Pali scarves are the national symbol of the Palestinians. Especially the Palestinian leader Arafat carried this message all over the world.
  • Origin: Pali shawls are also called "Kufiyas". They were and still are worn by Bedouins in the Arab region and serve as protection against sandstorms.
  • the way of wearing: Pali shawls are widespread. To this day, every region has its own way of wearing them. The way they are worn differs especially in the way the corners of the shawl are folded up at the front or back. Those who know a little about this can even determine where the wearer comes from by the way the cloth is worn.
  • Politics: The Pali shawl is closely related to the Middle East conflict. So you should not just wear it indiscriminately for fashion reasons.
  • the production: Unfortunately, there are now many fake offers that have been produced cheaply in China. However, these shawls have no connection to the true meaning of Pali shawls. In the meantime, there is only one weaving mill in Hebron that produces genuine Pali shawls. Genuine quality only from Hebron Our Pali shawls offered at Nabali Fairkost are of course genuine originals. They are still made by a family business in Hebron. If you choose one of our models, you are supporting the last remaining original weaving mill that earns its living with this traditional craft. Here you will not only get the classic models in black and white, but also thoroughly modern aspects with innovative colour combinations.

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