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Mabroom dates
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Mabroom dates


1,10 / 100 g

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  • from the current harvest
  • 100 % vegan
  • without genetic engineering
  • Tested premium quality
  • environmentally friendly cultivation
  • without additives and preservatives
  • without added sugar

Product contains: 900 g

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Mabroom date - firm outside - buttery soft date inside

New at Nabali Fairkost is the Mabroum date. Like the Sukkari, Ajwa and Safawi dates, it comes from Saudi Arabia. There it washes under sustainable conditions near Qassim. The Mabroom date belongs to the large date varieties and is a mix of the Medjool and the Sukkari Deluxe. It has a crusty skin, but a soft - tough flesh.

MABROOM is a date variety for those with a sweet tooth who love mild sweetness. Its taste is reminiscent of caramel or toffee. First let them melt slightly like a lozenge and then enjoy them consciously, as you would with a chewy sweet. This is the best way to enjoy their delicious flavour!

The elongated, slender MABROOM hides many healthy nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins (for example vitamins A and B) and amino acids. It strengthens the bones and protects the spinal cord. This premium date is reddish brown in colour (almost like a chestnut) and has a firm, thick skin. It can be off-putting at first, but softens quickly in the mouth! MABROOM becomes quite hard in the refrigerator.

Please take them out 30 minutes before consumption and eat them at room temperature.

"Mabroom is a premium variety for connoisseurs! In its beautiful lean body you'll find firmer, slightly chewy flesh with a mild sweetness and lovely caramel scent."

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