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Make falafel yourself
Make falafel yourself
Make falafel yourself
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Make falafel yourself
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Med Cuisine - Falafel Mix


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Original Falafel Mix 180G

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Med Cuisine

Koro Tahini Paste

Med Cuisine is a leading supplier of the most delicious and highest quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food products in the UK. They follow a similar concept to Nabali Fairkost and offer diverse fair-trade Middle Eastern products on the market.

The founder of Med Cuisine is from the Middle East and loves Mediterranean cuisine - especially tahini! However, as a Londoner, he found it surprisingly difficult to find his beloved ingredients at the right quality, price and accessibility - so Med Cuisine was born. Today, Med Cuisine is run by a passionate group of foodies who share a common vision of what good food should be: a harmony of flavours and textures full of aromas that make you savor every bite and wish every dish would never end!

Great dishes are born from great ingredients, and so we are on a never-ending quest to explore, discover and share the best food as we celebrate Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Med Cuisine values are:

  • Quality: Direct and friendly trade with producers creates the best products from 100% fresh ingredients and zero preservatives. Nothing needs to be added as nature already provides the tastiest products.
  • Enthusiasm: At Med Cuisine, products are created with passion. This is reflected in the unique flavours and innovative designs of all products.
  • Sustainability: Med Cuisine wants to protect our planet and offers all products in 100% recyclable packaging. Sustainable initiatives in the food industry are supported.

Original Falafel Mix 180 GR

Falafel is perfect for an easy and filling vegetarian lunch, dinner or snack. It has a rich, aromatic flavor that will blow your palate away. Discover the true taste of falafel - ready with just a few simple steps.

Recipes for falafel are varied, but the most traditional and common method is to mix the chickpeas with herbs and spices, stir the whole mixture, form balls and fry them in deep oil. It is a very famous dish from the Middle East and is on the top of the list of the most popular street food. Falafel is one of the healthiest "fast food" options as it is made from vegetables. It is completely vegan and rich in protein. Your kids can enjoy its crunchy texture and use it as a healthy substitute for chicken nuggets. Another advantage of falafel is that it produces energy with controlled sugar content. This is a very beneficial meal for those who need to control their glucose levels.


Chickpeas, dried onion, coriander, salt, dried garlic, cumin, black bell pepper, parsley, turmeric, baking powder, potato starch, sweet paprika.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Packing: Recyclable carton


Add 1:1 water to the mixture and let it soak for 40 minutes. Stir the mixture occasionally. Then form with a spoon or a falafel shaper, equal-sized balls and fry them at 170 degrees. Make sure that the falafel balls are crispy and golden brown.

Remove them, sprinkle some salt and sumac on them to taste and enjoy.

Perfect with the falafel our Tahini - so succeeds your hummus certainly


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