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Miel Mayem - Albaida Honey


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Pure natural honey without added sugar

Taste description:

  • soft and pleasant
  • sweetish
  • floral aroma
  • fruity flavour

Children under 12 months should not consume honey

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Miel Mayem

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A meaningful story in which nature, biodiversity and bees intermingle.

Product description Albaida Honey

Our honey from Albaida comes from Almería (Spain) and is harvested at the end of spring. With a very light amber color and a soft and floral aroma, its flavor is sweet. As with all our honeys, it is 100% Spanish honey, coming directly from the beekeeper and packaged by hand. 100% Spanish honey

All our raw honeys are 100% Spanish and are packaged in an artisan way directly from the hive to the jar.

Origin: Albaida comes from Almería (Spain)).
Harvest time: Spring
Color: very light

This honey has a unique so-called thixotropic texture (creamy to finely gelatinous).


It is a honey very rich in trace elements, vitamins and minerals: boron, potassium, iron, sulfur, manganese (anti-allergic, antioxidant), which can regulate blood sugar and relieve rheumatism. Honey also has the following properties:

  • Antiseptics
  • antianemic
  • Diuretics
  • energizing
  • strengthening
  • remineralizing

Trading partner information

Already for several generations this Spanish apiary exists. At MIEL MAYEM are specialists in 100% artisanal honey of Spanish quality. They are supported by the experience of more than 4 generations dedicated to the honey sector since 1915. Thanks to the extensive network of beekeepers spread throughout the country, our partners of Miel Mayem select the best honeys first hand and pack them by hand in their facilities in l' Alcudia (Valencia, Spain).

MIEL MAYEM's main objective is to offer our customers the highest quality, which is why we only work with Spanish honey and have it packaged using a traditional process to keep its characteristics and benefits intact.

In addition to honey, our commercial partners offer various products from the hive such as pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

Why buy honey from ,,Miel Mayem,,

Because it is time for transformative change. Because we can all become consumer actors. Because we need to respect the rhythm of nature and what it offers us. Because we need to act sincerely.

Miel Mayem is committed to complete transparency and traceability, from the harvest of the flowers to the delivery of your jar of honey. Each raw honey is the result of difficult to imagine and little known bee work.

Did you know that for your 250G jar of honey, the bees

  • 14,000 excursions made
  • 38,000 km covered
  • have collected 1,500,000 flowers!

Interesting facts about honey:

Honey is considered one of the oldest natural remedies in the world. It is healthy and is even said to have an anti-inflammatory effect. For us, this is a good reason to add a new honey to our portfolio, but we'll get to our new cooperation later.

Is honey really as healthy as it is always claimed?

One thing in advance: honey is a sweetener and there can be no talk of low-calorie here. So if you want to watch the slim line, excessive consumption of honey is not exactly conducive. But of course there is also good news about honey. Otherwise we would not include it in our online store. Among other things, honey contains important antioxidants, including phenols, enzymes, plant substances such as flavonoids and organic acids. This combination is very beneficial in reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and various cancers, as well as strengthening the eyesight. These antioxidants are also capable of lowering blood pressure, thus having a doubly positive effect on your heart health. The heart is also still protected from oxidative stress.

There is also good news for diabetics, because honey can lower the "bad" LDL cholesterol and thus have a positive effect on your values. For wounds, beekeepers have always relied on the miraculous powers of honey. In fact, it has been shown in various experiments and even scientific studies that honey showed a much higher healing power than various antibiotics after surgery and in other wounds. Even severe inflammations, which in the worst case could have led to amputation, could heal after treatment with honey. This effect is based on the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Surely you also know the fifth application of honey - for coughs. Here it strengthens the immune system and fights the triggering viruses. Mix honey into your tea, but make sure that the drink has cooled down a bit beforehand. Because from a temperature of 40 degrees, the healing enzymes break down. With sore throat and honey a clear improvement of the symptoms could be observed. Caution is required here only with children under 12 months, because these should take generally still no honey to itself. The substances contained are harmless for adults. In babies, however, they can cause a dangerous form of food poisoning.

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