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Premium Medjoul Dates 5KG

58,90 - 154,90

1,18 - 1,03 / 100 g

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  • 100 %Natural
  • Only sun dried
  • Free from sulphur
  • Free from preservatives
  • No added sugar

Product contains: 5000 g

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Medjoul dates the best from Jordan and Palestine

Nabali Fairkost Medjool dates grow and thrive around the ancient city of Jericho in Palestine, as well as in Jordan in the Rar Valley.

Only spoiled by the sun and natural rainfall, the Medjool date convinces with its unique caramel flavour and delicious fruit flesh. Through Moroccan-Jewish immigrants, the "Queen of Dates" made her way to the Holy Land. Nabali Fairkost Medjoul dates are fairly traded and are grown exclusively by Palestinian farmers and workers on Palestinian land.

Super Jumbo is the first date. Ours correspond to this size
Our dates correspond to the Second size Large, loose skin 0-5 % and the weight per date is approx. 18-22g.


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The classification in size and appearance is not so relevant for the end consumer. Here, the taste is the decisive factor. All our Medjoul dates taste caramel, soft and sweet. The differences are only to be found in size or appearance. This also determines our purchase and sales price. As we are offering a purely natural product, there may be variations as shown in the pictures. We are very anxious to ensure the quality and the transparencies in relation to the product description as conscientiously as possible.

Product specification:

  • Loose skin: 0-5 %
  • Size: 100% Large
  • Weight: between 18-22G , variations may occur.

Our promise:

  • 100% the best from Palestine & Jordan
  • current crop
  • Carefully selected
  • Naturally sweet taste without added sugar or syrup
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Pesticide free

Where exactly do our Medjoul dates come from?

Nabali Fairkost sources fairly traded Medjool dates from Palestinian palm groves in the Jordan Valley as well as Jordan. Only spoiled by the sun and natural rainfall, the Medjool date convinces with its unique caramel flavour and delicious flesh. They make an excellent ethical gift for friends and acquaintances.

How does the purchase of dates from Palestine&Jordan affect the labour sector?

Strong international sales growth has enabled Palestinian farmers to add value to the supply chain and provide employment for more farming families in the Jordan Valley. These new employment opportunities in a safe and healthy environment are a welcome alternative to working in Israeli settlements, which is often the only employment option in the Jordan Valley. Employment in the settlements is often casual, with no job security.


In contrast, the jobs created by the growth of local date production offer longer-term prospects. Furthermore, more women in rural areas are connected and also get the chance to participate in the labour market.


Medjoul dates are great for baking, especially in cakes and date biscuits. They can be added to smoothies and shakes or eaten as a snack. Medjool dates are super suitable for vegan, raw and healthy diets.


Our Medjool dates love it cool and protected from light.

The following guideline values should be observed:

Refrigerator storage to be consumed within 4 months
To be consumed within 12 months in the freezer.
Store at room temperature and consume within 14 days.

Freezing does not affect the fruit, as they do not freeze due to their high fructose content. If stored correctly, our Medjoul dates can be kept for at least 1 year.

Nutritional valuesIndication per 100 g
Calorific value/energy1172/280
Fat02 g
thereof saturated fatty acids0 g
Carbohydrates75 g
thereof sugar66 g
Protein25 g
Salt0 g
**Percent ofthe reference quantity for daily intake

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    We have bought these dates from Nabali several times, initially via Amazon, but now directly. After numerous purchases in local supermarkets, we were always disappointed by the quality. At Nabali, you get first-class goods that are far better than what you know from German supermarkets. A clear recommendation from me, always again! A small tip: buy larger quantities, dates can also be portioned very well and then frozen, freshly thawed they taste just like freshly bought. Kind regards from Greven/Westphalia.

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