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Ramadan Medjoul Promo 5x400G


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Ramadan Promotion - Limited Quantity
Medjoul Delight

  • Fresh harvest 22/23
  • Date time is fasting time
  • Only sun dried
  • Free from sulphur
  • Free from preservatives
  • No added sugar

Product contains: 2 kg

Out of stock

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Lent is date time

Break your fast with our popular Medjoul dates from Jordan & Palestine. Give a gift to your relatives
and at the same time support disadvantaged farmers in Jordan & Palestine. We offer this Ramadan in a limited quantity our Medjoul dates in 400G in a limited ,,Ramadan Design,,.

To the product description:

Nabali Fairkost Medjool dates grow and thrive around the ancient city of Jericho in Palestine & and Jordan Valley in Jordan. Only spoiled by the sun and natural rainfall, the Medjool date convinces with its unique caramel flavour and delicious fruit flesh. Through Moroccan-Jewish immigrants, the "Queen of Dates" made her way to the Holy Land. Nabali Fairkost Medjoul dates are fairly traded and are grown exclusively by Palestinian farmers and workers on Palestinian land.

Our promise

  • 100% the best from Jordan & Palestine
  • Carefully selected
  • Naturally sweet taste without added sugar or syrup
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Pesticide free

Where exactly do our Medjoul dates come from?

Why buy Medjoul dates from Nabali Fairkost?

Through fair trade, jobs and income are created for a crisis region with every purchase. In this way, you do something good for your body through the supply of minerals and trace elements, but also for the region where they are harvested. Since the original Palestinian dates come from fair trade and are also inexpensive, something is even done for the wallet.


Dates and diets

Dates and diets, that sounds strange at first. After all, they are very sweet and certainly have a lot of calories. Dates are indeed somewhat higher in calories than other sweet fruits, but they are still particularly suitable for supplementing a diet. As already mentioned, dates contain important minerals and natural fructose, which is released more slowly into the body. This satisfies the craving for sweets for a longer period of time. In addition, they also contain more fibre and have a mild laxative effect. It is recommended to simply eat some dates instead of dinner. This will accelerate the effect of the diet.

Dates to fall asleep?

Enjoying Medjoul dates from Palestine in the evening has another advantage that should not be underestimated: dates contain antioxidants, substances that ensure that free radicals in the body are bound without harming the body and are simply eliminated naturally. The natural antioxidants in dates are only part of the positive effect. They also contain the amino acid tryptophan. This is converted to melatonin in the human body and melatonin is the so-called sleep hormone. This means that if you eat a few dates for supper instead of your usual meal, you have the effect of a very stable energy balance. The body is supplied with essential minerals and trace elements, as well as fibre and the sleep hormone melatonin. All this happens without having to take any medication. The body is supported in its natural function.

Dates also contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B and potassium.

What makes Medjoul dates from Palestine so special - you can buy dates in any supermarket. The answer is simple: You can buy standard dates in the supermarket, but not Medjoul dates. The reason for this is that harvesting these special dates is particularly time-consuming and can only be done by hand. The fruit is significantly larger than other dates. It has a more harmonious, pleasant and particularly individual taste. Anyone who likes to eat dates will love Medjoul dates from Palestine. Not for nothing are they commonly called the queen of dates.

What else can you make from dates?

Dates have a very special form of sweetness. That is why especially vegans use them to make an alternative chocolate cream. Pure cocoa powder, which is vegan by nature, is used for this. To add the appropriate sweetness to the slightly tart taste, dates are then added. You can soak them in water for a few hours to make them easier to process and then mix them together with the cocoa powder and some liquid in a blender to make a chocolate cream. If you like it nutty, you should also soak the cashews and mix them in. You can then vary the degree of granularity by mixing the cream for longer or shorter. However, when storing the cream, make sure that it is always kept cool. Although it is healthy not to use preservatives, the food will spoil more quickly without refrigeration. Again, it is possible to freeze the cream. You can simply wrap it in an airtight container and then put it in the freezer. The cream thaws easily overnight and is then good to eat without further treatment.

Summary of the fairly traded dates from Palestine

Our dates come directly from the farmer without preservatives, added sugar or sulphur. They are harvested, sorted and dried directly under the Palestinian sun. They are a healthy food that is great for replenishing vegans and vegetarians' much-needed supply of minerals and antioxidants. Dates are a great snack and can replace a chocolate bar or two. As part of a conscious diet, we recommend eating up to three dates in the evening before bed. This is because dates contain a substance called tryptophan, which is an amino acid that is converted into melatonin in the human body. This promotes sleep and calms the nerves. In this respect, dates are also nerve food. Dates have a mild laxative effect. They are therefore also suitable for the natural regulation of digestion and, due to the many minerals and trace elements that are immediately available in the dried fruits, they are a healthy food source to spice up the diet.

Besides these nutrients and fibre, eating dates also has a positive effect on digestion. So especially sedentary jobs or jobs with little movement can benefit from them.
Children can also eat dates well. They like them very much because of their intense and sweet taste. You can make smoothies out of dates and for dinner they harmonise very well with cheese and nuts.

Dates can even do something for your health through the antioxidants they contain by binding free radicals and allowing them to be eliminated naturally.


Our Medjool dates like it cool and protected from light. You can store them in the fridge or even freeze them. Freezing does not affect the fruit, as they do not freeze due to their high fructose content. If stored correctly, our Medjoul dates will keep for at least 1 year.

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Weight 2 kg

10x400G, 5x400G

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Medjoul Delight

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Jordan & Palestine

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2 kg


Medjoul Delight

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