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Date Medjoul
Date Medjoul
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Date Medjoul
Date Medjoul
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Safawi Dates


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  • 100 % vegan
  • without genetic engineering
  • Tested premium quality
  • environmentally friendly cultivation
  • without additives and preservatives
  • without added sugar

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Safawi - The fruity, sweet, bite date

You love sports, but today you lack a bit of drive. Plus, you're not in the mood for sore muscles... and thinking about a sugary, artificial-tasting pre-workout booster makes you lose your appetite. You'd rather eat something that gives you energy, is super healthy and super delicious at the same time. How great it would be if there was such a thing, right?

Hold on tight: There's just the right energizer for you! It's called SAFAWI and is a fruity-sweet date from Saudi Arabia. Sports enthusiasts with a sweet tooth swear by its effect: if you eat dates before physical exertion, you feel less exertion. The SAFAWI is your healthy power snack before training or a game! Let yourself be inspired by their refreshing sweetness, without added sugar or artificial additives.


SAFAWI is a firm to the bite date with lots of delicious pulp. It has a berry aroma and reminds you of the taste of raisins or fruit candies. With several bites of this slightly fibrous date, you'll get the energy you need to start exercising mindfully and not feel overworked afterwards! You can also make them into delicious energy balls for a natural sweetness.

The elongated, thin SAFAWI is your superfood: With vitamins E and C and minerals such as iron, zinc and potassium, it enriches your diet. The tryptophan it contains also helps you sleep. This fruity date is dark brown, almost black in color, and has a slightly harder skin - but it won't bother you in your mouth. If you take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before eating, the SAFAWI tastes best!

The noble Safawi is said to have healing properties. It is a vitamin and mineral bomb in any case - and an all-round delicious date

Discover our other delicious date varieties like the Medjool, Sukkari and Mabroom. We source our dates from Palestine and Saudi Arabia. Together with Israel and Jordan, Palestine is the main date-growing region. Every purchase supports local structures and creates perspectives.

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