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Segae dates 500G


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Segaie dates - 500G box

  • 100 % vegan
  • without genetic engineering
  • Tested premium quality
  • environmentally friendly cultivation
  • without additives and preservatives
  • without added sugar

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Segae date - Mildly sweet, firm to the bite and juicy

Once again you've emptied a bag of chips and a bar of chocolate while watching a movie... That shouldn't happen anymore! So you decide on a plan: You want to find an alternative NOW that is at least as delicious and still provides feelings of happiness. You also want to finally live healthier instead of always eating so many industrially produced snacks and sweets.

Then try the SEGAE! This date combines the best of all worlds: It's mildly sweet, firm to the bite and juicy. Simply the perfect healthy snack in the evening while watching a movie, at a coffee party with friends and family, at garden parties and picnics... What feel-good adventures will you take SEGAE on? It also makes a great accompaniment to your favorite tea or a delicious wine!

The SEGAE invites conscious enjoyment with its chewy, lush flesh. It is pleasantly sweet and fibrous. You can enjoy it like a chewy candy while being enchanted by its heavenly flavor that slowly unfolds! If you have SEGAE in your fridge, you won't need any other sweet treats in the house. Put an end to unhealthy temptations!

The medium-sized SEGAE provides you with many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. This pretty, golden yellow date looks especially interesting with its crispy, leafy skin. Let it warm up to room temperature and then enjoy your new favorite healthy snack!

Segae dates enchant with two colors: crisp golden yellow above, juicy brown below. A miracle of nature and definitely one of my favorite dates! With their unobtrusive flavor, the box is quickly eaten empty."

Discover our other delicious date varieties like the Medjool, Sukkari and Mabroom. We source our dates from Palestine and Saudi Arabia. Together with Israel and Jordan, Palestine is the main date-growing region. Every purchase supports local structures and creates perspectives.

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