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Sweet Candy Box


9,42 / 100 g

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  • 100 % Naturel
  • Without preservatives
  • Special diversity
  • Bestsellers in nuts and dried fruit
  • Something for every taste

Product contains: 180 g

Out of stock

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Healthy snacks for everyone

We at Nabali have entered into a special cooperation with the young start-up company from Bremen, Nusswahn. We don't want to reinvent the wheel in the field of nuts and dried fruit, so we are relying on the varied assortment of Yaruz and Firat.

Are you a chocolate fan? Then embark on a sweet journey with white, milk and dark chocolate.

Included in the Sweet Candy Box:

  • Raspberry + Milk Chocolate 30G: Freeze-dried raspberries coated with delicious milk chocolate. A treat for hot summer days, bite into it and enjoy crunchy, best chilled! Let yourself be enchanted by this delicacy and the fusion of different flavors. The sour note of the raspberry gives this mad combination that certain something.
  • Cranberry + Dark 30G: Cranberries coated in dark chocolate, a pure pleasure. Just get carried away and enjoy the sweet but also sour taste! The cranberry is an excellent natural source of potassium and magnesium, plus it provides copper and manganese. The high content of minerals makes it unique and strengthens you in any situation! Positive effects are, for example, an improvement in digestion or a reduced cholesterol level.
  • Almond + Truffle Chocolate 30G: Delicious almonds in fine milk chocolate powdered with the finest cocoa. An irresistible combination and a treat that melts very slowly in your mouth! Also with this variant it is difficult to restrain - is simply too delicious!
  • Strawberry + White Chocolate 30G: The perfect combination for a real hot snack, it's worth the sin! Tempting and stunning at the same time, strawberries have never been so delicious! The exquisite strawberries are gently freeze-dried and then enclosed in a thick layer of white chocolate.
  • Banana meets chocolate 30G: Thin banana chips dipped in milk, white and dark chocolate. A multifaceted chocolate excursion!
  • Almond + Cinnamon & Sugar 30G: Already at the opening of this wonder bag nostalgic moments flow through your head. Almonds roasted with cinnamon and sugar, a classic!For all cinnamon fans who can not keep their hands off. Nothing beats cinnamon! It is one of the oldest tropical spices and has since been seen by us humans in various cultures as the number one miracle spice. This highly aromatic note and the sugar creates a super crunchy coating that makes all almond lovers melt away.

The box contains the following tasting packages - ideal to GO

Give your body a dose of madness! Through rich energy in just one box

If you already couldn't have enough of this blend, what do you say to the other variations?

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