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Tea Ceylon with cardamom


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Black tea, natural cardamom flavor.
Origin*: Sri Lanka, Malawi, Kenya

  • 100 tea bags 2g each
  • sustainably produced
  • high-quality resources
  • each purchase supports the program ,,Ethical Tea Partnership,,

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Teapot - Fresh tea

AHMED TEA - Premium tea indulgence

Product Description:

Ahmed Tea's Cardamom Tea is the company's best-selling tea. It is a unique, flavored, exotic blend and delights tea lovers worldwide. To create this special tea, the tea masters create a black tea blend with many high quality Kenyan leaves. This gives the brew its crisp but mature character - a perfect backdrop for the uniquely herbal, slightly menthol green cardamom. A special cardamom flavor is used to complement the black teas with its warm aromatic pungency.

Cardamom is a popular spice throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In India, it is used in savory and sweet dishes - from rice biryanis to creamy desserts - while in Turkey and Lebanon it is ground into coffee. Scandinavians love to spice up their baked goods, while chefs in the UK have recently been experimenting with cardamom and chocolate. At Ahmad Tea, however, you still think it's best in a brew, adding its exotic flavor to a nice cup of tea.

Our cardamom tea is a versatile drink. Served lightly zinged, it's like a more exotic Earl Grey. Enjoy it as you would in the Middle East by serving it strong, black and with plenty of sugar. Alternatively, drink it well brewed with a splash of milk as a rich, comforting cup of tea, similar to a warming spiced chai tea.

The tea box features James Baker Pyne's Eastern "View of the Castle and Garden, Windsor Castle, 1838," a scene dominated by the castle's magnificent garden fountain.


Black tea, natural cardamom flavor.
Origin*: Sri Lanka, Malawi, Kenya

Preparation recommendation: pour a tea bag with boiling water, infuse for 3-5 minutes Enjoy this particularly fine black tea best with brown rock candy and with a shot of fresh milk or cream.

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Ahmed Tea are a family business founded and run on family values. This means working together consistently year after year, never compromising on beliefs, and always being guided by common goals. The Ahmed Tea company works only with the best tea gardens around the world and considers tea farmers as a natural extension of the ,,Ahmad Tea family,.

Each blend is tasted seven times on its journey from plucking to your cup - a process overseen by Chairman, Mr. Rahim Afshar, and his team of world-leading tea masters. Nothing leaves the tasting room until it is certain that it is an exceptional cup of tea, destined to inspire tea lovers everywhere.

I won't sell anything I wouldn't drink at home."

Ahmad Tea is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a membership organization that works with tea companies, development organizations and governments to improve the lives of tea workers, farmers and their environment.

Its goal is to drive long-term, systemic change in three thematic areas of tea

  1. Economics
  2. Equality
  3. Environment

ETP's work improves the progress made toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in tea-growing regions. The organization consists of small but dedicated teams of experts in most tea-growing regions, including Africa and Asia, and a London-based secretariat. With the support of its 50 members, including the largest multinational companies in the tea sector, ETP's work has reached over one million people in tea communities to date.

We are supported by a mix of international funding from the public and private sectors, including our members, and are uniquely positioned to bring together the right partnerships to achieve our vision of a thriving, socially just and environmentally sustainable tea sector.

Much of the world's tea is grown in places that face significant sustainability challenges. ETP's priority is to address the deep-rooted issues and some of the most complex challenges facing tea workers and farmers. ETP not only supports communities on the ground with their programs in Africa and Asia, but also leads the sustainability agenda by testing business innovations and influencing policy. They are working to improve incomes, empower women, and help the sector become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Ethical Tea's work focuses on the following key tasks:

  1. Better incomes: We continue to drive and lead work on living wages and living incomes and create opportunities for tea workers and farmers to increase their incomes. We are proud to have established and jointly coordinated the Malawi Tea 2020 partnership to ensure that all workers in Malawi receive better wages and benefits.
  2. Empowering women: Our programs advocate for women. Across Assam, India, girls have better lives thanks to our partnership with UNICEF, which reduces child marriages and unsafe migration, helps girls stay in education, and equips them and their communities with the skills to reduce the risk of violence, abuse and exploitation. Our Improving Lives program with UNICEF is the largest of its kind, reaching 250,000 people and a quarter of all tea estates in Assam.
  3. Climate & environment: Our work helps the tea sector reduce its carbon footprint and improve its environmental sustainability and resilience to climate change. For example, our energy efficiency work with Kenyan smallholder tea farmers saves trees and millions of dollars every year, all of which is returned to the farmers.

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