Tea to wake up
Tea in a glass - Wake-up drink BIO
Tea to wake up
Tea to wake up
Tea to wake up
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Tea in a glass - BIO wake-up tea

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  • Support for a young start-up
  • Premium organic quality
  • Naturally sweet - without sugar
  • Sustainably packaged
  • Donate with every glass

Product contains: 5 g

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Tea in a glass


The young start-up from Bad Vilbel is a prime example of how miracles can be achieved in a shared kitchen. The company they created, Besser im Glas, rethinks and offers delicious tea blends in glass. This is good for the environment, as no casual tea bags and packaging material are needed. Besides, the whole thing looks very chic.

Better in a jar offers tea in a premium organic quality. Every tea in a glass product purchased promotes organic cultivation and sustainability. A close partnership is maintained with selected tea plantations.

Bio – Wachmacher

Bio-Grüntee mit Guarana und Matcha. Starte den Morgen mit einer Ladung natürlichem Koffein, um unbeschwert durch den Tag zu kommen.

Bio-Mischung aus grünem Tee, Kräutern, Zitrusschalen, Guarana mit Limettengeschmack, natürlich aromatisiert.


Temperatur: 80°C

Brewing time: 4-8 min

Amount: 1-2 tsp/250ml

Der natürliche Kick am Morgen

Du kommst morgens einfach nicht richtig aus dem Bett? Probiere statt Kaffee einfach mal unseren Wachmacher! Grüner Tee in Verbindung mit Matcha und Guarana sorgen für frischen Wind, sodass du motiviert in deinen Tag starten kannst!

Naturally sweet - completely without sugar

The organic tea blends from Tee im Glas are all naturally sweet. Depending on the brewing time, you can determine the sweetness of your tea yourself. The longer you steep the tea, the sweeter it becomes - without sugar or chemicals.

Sustainably packaged

Plastic was yesterday. Tea in a glass relies on sustainable and reusable materials. That's why there's tea in a glass!

Donate with every glass

With every tea glass sold, a partial amount goes directly to the social association Viva con Agua e.V. via the company ,,Besser im Glass,. Since 2005, the association has been working for clean drinking water all over the world. Last year ,,Tea in a Glass,, was able to give more than 1500 people permanent access to clean drinking water.

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Bio-Mischung aus grünem Tee, Kräutern, Zitrusschalen, Guarana mit Limettengeschmack, natürlich aromatisiert. Zutaten: 44% Bio-Grüner Tee, Bio-Zitronengras, Bio-Pfefferminze, Bio-Süßkraut, Bio-Limettenöl, Bio-Mate, Bio-Orangenschale, Bio-Zitronenschale, Bio-Guaranasamen, Bio-Grüner Tee Matcha.
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thereof saturated fatty acids
thereof sugar
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