Made in Palestine
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Made in Palestine
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Dead Sea Salt Garlic


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  • 100 % from Palestine
  • Without artificial flavours
  • No genetic engineering
  • Free from preservatives
  • No flavour enhancers

Product contains: 80 g

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Dead Sea Salt from Palestine

Salt with garlic

The cosmetic jack-of-all-trades Dead Sea salt is conquering more and more kitchens. Not without reason - the salt, which has been beneficial to health for thousands of years, also has excellent properties when it comes to cooking, baking and preserving food. It works ideally if you grind it finely before preparing it. Then it can develop its aromas wonderfully. If you just want to round off your dishes, sprinkle a few coarse grains over your food. You have a choice with this salt, because it comes in an aroma-safe screw-top jar so that you can use it pure or transfer it to a mill so that you can add it fresh each time.

What are the effects of garlic?

Garlic was already a trend in the 80s. It was touted for its intense health-promoting properties. It was thought to naturally regulate the circulation, strengthen the heart and have anti-inflammatory effects. It was also said to lower bad cholesterol. In addition to various positive health effects, it is above all the aromatic benefits of garlic that we appreciate. You can use it wonderfully with various meat dishes. Garlic is particularly popular in vegetarian and vegan cuisine because it not only has a very pleasant flavour, but also a slight pungency.

In the blend of Totem Sea salt with garlic offered here, you get a true taste explosion that will take your culinary skills to a new level. The salt emphasises the aromatic benefits of garlic and transforms any dish prepared with it into something special.

Fair trade - sustainable production

At Nabali Fairkost, we stand for fair trade and sustainable production. That is why we source all our products directly from the producers, so that they can directly secure their livelihoods. All our products come without additives, so you can enjoy truly pure flavours. With your purchase from us, you support this fair trade without intermediaries and you get the pure quality of the products.

Our promise to you:

  • 100% PALESTINE for your kitchen - all spices are as star chefs such as Ottolenghi and Tamimi want them to be
  • NATURAL - Our natural spice blends are of course WITHOUT artificial flavours - WITHOUT preservatives - WITHOUT genetic engineering as well as WITHOUT flavour enhancers.
  • VERSATILE - Nabali spices are ideal as a gift I for dishes from Ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook I for oven vegetables , salad dressing I ideal for a vegetarian / vegan diet.
  • SUSTAINABLE & FAIR - our young company from Düsseldorf acts sustainably & ecologically - from cultivation to packaging - with products from economically disadvantaged regions.
  • SERVICE - We want you to be satisfied and are always available to answer your questions by phone or email. If you are not satisfied, we will reliably find a solution.

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