Made in Palestine
Made in Palestine
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Ottolenghi Spices
Made in Palestine
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Thyme Lemon Leaf Tea


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  • 100 % from Palestine
  • Without artificial flavours
  • No genetic engineering
  • Free from preservatives
  • No flavour enhancers

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Dried lemon thyme leaves tea

You know the multiple positive effects of thyme leaves tea (link)? Then you will be delighted by the fresh combination with lemons.
Because a tasty tea simply belongs to the Jordanland way of life that we love so much. Exactly this way of life you can now bring home. An aromatic tea in the combination of fresh lemons and aromatic thyme can also benefit you wonderfully for well-being.

How does lemon work in combination with thyme?

Lemon has always been known as an important source of vitamin C. It can also help you ramp up your defenses when you have an incipient infection. Combine this fabulous effect with the essential oils of thyme, which can be much more than a simple kitchen spice. For thyme can help you with respiratory infections and coughs because it has anti-inflammatory properties. A nervous gastrointestinal system also benefits from the positive effects of thyme. The calming effect on the nerves does the rest.

Many vitamins and minerals ensure that your immune system is also strengthened in the long term.
Treat yourself to two to three cups of hot tea every day and add a spoonful of honey in case of a cold. This will give you an aromatic tea that offers an interesting taste.

Sustainable production - fair trade

We at Nabali Fairkost have set out to bring sustainably produced, fairly traded products to the market. We know our producers ourselves and are in close contact with them. We can rely on providing you with only the highest quality products, produced according to traditional methods. Often it is the small cooperatives that we support and that ensure that something gets going again in economically strained regions. All products are made without genetic engineering, authentic and natural. This is the culinary art that we like to support and that gives you the positive feeling of life that you want.


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