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Zaatar & Dukkah

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  • 100 % from Palestine
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Buy this product and get 1-3 bonus points - This corresponds to 0,20-0,60

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Cooking like in Jerusalem

This bundle contains our popular spices Dukkah and Zaatar in a savings set

Zatar after Ottolenghi

Zaatar is a spice mixture made from hand-picked wild thyme, finely roasted sesame seeds, sumac and a pinch of salt. It is the most popular spice blend in Palestine and is traditionally eaten for breakfast with olive oil and fresh wholemeal bread.

Where does our Zatar come from?

Women's cooperatives around the city of Nablus produce this delicious Nabali Fairkost Za'atar. The fresh aroma of thyme, the acidity of sumac and the nutty flavour of sesame make for an excellent combination of texture and taste. Nabali Zaatar impresses with its full-bodied taste. Everything about it is round and balanced, just the right mix to please.

Zaatar is loved all over the world because it is very versatile. Whether as a delicious spice for oven vegetables, processed in curd cheese for dipping or classically as a dipping spice for delicious olive oil and fresh bread.

Dukkah Stunning Delicious

Dukkah is a Palestinian spice blend made from selected cumin, aniseed, roasted sesame and wheat. The perfect coordination of the spices creates a unique composition that is ingeniously versatile and can miraculously intensify the flavour of a dish or even steer it in a different direction.

Did you know that dukkah tastes super delicious with roasted argan oil? The nutty flavour is intensified by the argan oil. The best way is to sprinkle the argan oil on the food in a spray can and sprinkle Dukkah over it.

What makes our products so special?

All Nabali products come from the occupied territories in Palestine and are made with love by women's cooperatives. All ingredients are natural and free from any additives. We maintain a very close relationship with our suppliers and producers and advise you in building and scaling your business. By trading with Europe, we create new sales markets and offer economic perspectives. We are convinced that through economic peace and a strong and solid economy in Palestine, the situation will change for the better.

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