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  • 100 % natural
  • Traditional harvest by hand
  • Support for a structurally weak region
  • Fair payment for village communities
  • 100 % natural / pure

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Cinnamon bark

We at Nabali Fairkost are proud to now be able to offer sustainably grown cinnamon bark. Here you definitely don't get a supermarket product that can often contain large amounts of harmful substances. The cinnamon bark distributed by Nabali Fairkost is a spice produced sustainably and without the use of pesticides.

Origin and use of our cinnamon bark

Nabali Fairkost cinnamon bark comes from the dried bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree. Cinnamon bark is the oldest known spice and has been used and appreciated for over 2000 years. Cinnamon bark has also always been used for healing. It is said to have blood-improving properties, for example in connection with diabetes, anti-inflammatory characteristics and a laxative effect. But an aphrodisiac effect can also be observed, especially when cinnamon bark is burnt as incense. Furthermore, it is also known that cinnamon can have a positive effect on gout.

Our cinnamon bark from Nabali Fairkost comes from sustainable, safe cultivation and should not be missing in your household. Besides its well-known culinary use, it is also popular as an incense.

More exciting facts about cinnamon bark

Incidentally, it is also exciting to note that 25% of the active ingredient perceived as a spice for us humans is also found in cloves. This is why the combination in meat dishes is so harmonious and the effects of these two spices complement each other ideally. Cinnamon bark is also used in diabetes to neutralise substances in the blood.

Cinnamon is a very special spice that is mainly used at Christmas time. Nevertheless, it should not be missing in any household.

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