Sustainability at Nabali Fairkost

Fairkost - we have already incorporated one of our essential principles into our name. You know us as a supplier of high-quality delicatessen such as dates, spreads, high-quality oils and our authentic spices.
Since day one, we have been committed to absolutely fair trade and sustainability. Because we want to support the producers of our high-quality products to be able to earn their own living. We maintain close contact with the farmers and the processing companies so that we can always ensure that our principles are applied. We work without intermediaries and pay farmers and producers directly. This eliminates a whole level that would otherwise want to earn something from the final price. This way we can directly ensure the livelihood of the families. Fair trade means that we can also stand behind everything we do in front of our children, i.e. the next generation. We want to leave our earth a better place, not a destroyed, exploited one. When you buy our spices, oils, dates and drinks, you buy sustainability, fair products, correct payment and you support people in crisis areas.


Sustainable acting means using as little environmental intervention as possible, but as much as is necessary to bring the goods safely and freshly to your home. This is exactly the reason why we now pack our harvest fresh in the country of production, employing people from the farmers' surroundings to build a wage and a future for themselves.

Our thinking and actions are always based on the idea of helping people get excellent food, not supporting the big food companies. Our whole focus is on the farmers, the local people, namely the people who actually produce the goods. We even put the word "fair" in our name - Nabali Fairkost. What this means to us is that we personally know the people from whom we buy goods. We see how they live, and in doing so, we recognize time and time again that our direct purchases ensure their Livelihood ensure. We set a clear sign against exploitation. Of course, we have gained market power over the years and could now do as the food corporations do - start pushing prices down to end up with more profit for us. But what would that do for us? Then the farmers would have to give up and go to other work. We would have lost our valuable suppliers and our customers would not be able to enjoy delicious, fair-trade spices, fruits and special country-specific spice blends for us in organic quality.

Nabali Fairkost was born from the idea to make it better - better and tastier. We come from Jordanland and there are many typical foods and spices there. They are not comparable to the spices used in other countries. We love the food from our homeland and that's why the idea was born to offer fair products in organic quality and in a freshness you may never have eaten before. There is a reason why we have so many returning, highly satisfied customers. In the meantime, we have moved our headquarters back to the West Bank - Palestinian Autonomous Territories to be even closer to our farmers, our fresh produce and harvests. We know the local people, we pay them fairly and in the meantime we also have packaging done locally - again by people from the region.


This gives them a job and a realistic prospect of a better future. After the goods are packed, they are shipped to our warehouse in Germany and from there, individually packed, delivered to people all over Europe. Our dates, in particular, have made us famous. There are the big, fleshy dates, also called Medjoul king dates. Once you have eaten such a date, unfortunately, you can never eat another one from the supermarket afterwards. The difference in taste is too great. We also sell typical spices and high quality oils in an excellent fair trade quality.

Our responsibility

No child labor

It is absolutely self-evident for us that children do not work for us or in the companies with which we have a close cooperation. Because child labour is not something to be taken lightly. It is a matter of safeguarding the future of our children.

No discrimination

We understand this principle very broadly - in our view, no one may be discriminated against in the workplace with regard to their sexual orientation, religion or gender. We are particularly committed to the participation of women in the labor market. 


Our cooperation partners and we have made it our mission to act not only fairly, but also sustainably. This means that no materials are wasted, but of course we do not save at the wrong end. We only use as much as necessary.

Trade for change